Chengnan One
项目名称 | 中海城南一号跃层
项目地址 | 中国 成都
设计机构 | STUDIO.Y余颢凌设计事务所
设计团队 | 余颢凌、尹杰、杨一凡、刘芊妤、杨菲
项目品宣 | 徐彩红
空间摄影 | 张骑麟
项目面积 | 460㎡
完工时间 | 2020年10月


Le Corbusier, a master of modernism, is quite obsessed with order in design. He advocated creating an illusion of an extended space that can be walked in from the plane arranged in depth in architectural design, achieving a sense of transparency. (Transparency). The transparency in interior design also stems from this transformation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. In the original space, there are many walls, scattered layouts, messy and complicated moving lines, which seriously affects the living experience of people. The space still stays on a two-dimensional plane, sluggish and lacks hierarchy. The designer knocked down all the walls that could be knocked down in the space, reorganized the spatial flow, changed the original disorder, and re-established a three-dimensional and transparent spatial order.