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上海既有江南吴越文化的古典与雅致,又有国际大都市的现代与时尚,有着自成一派的城市性格, 吴侬软语、沪剧、本帮菜、海派文学……长江流域是中国经济的脊梁,而上海作为长江流域的龙头, 正是中国现代化的发源地。汤臣一品以绝佳优势占据黄浦江最美区段,独揽陆家嘴一线景观, 将十里洋场的繁华尽收眼底,在自然宁静与都市繁华之间畅享恢宏气魄与时尚风姿。

设计师在进行空间改造时,充分考虑到了长江文化与上海城市文明的融合, 将一种纵横开合的宏大气魄赋予了空间本身,把观景的最佳位置留给了主人的主卧与书房套房,在这里,可以一览黄浦江的恢弘拐弯地带,空间开阔,大气开合。门厅处惹人注目的Bdbarcelona钴蓝色边柜明度与纯度都很高, 柜腿独特的立体螺旋纹设计极具艺术感,取尽几何妙趣,充满了动态的博弈张力之美。

There are both Shanghai and Shanghai's classical and Shanghai style The Yangtze River Basin is the backbone of China's economy, and Shanghai, as the leader of the Yangtze River Basin, is the birthplace of China's modernization. Tangchen Yipin occupies the most beautiful section of Huangpu River with excellent advantages, dominates the front-line landscape of Lujiazui, and has a panoramic view of the prosperity of the ten mile ocean fair, enjoying the magnificent spirit and fashion between natural tranquility and urban prosperity.
In the space transformation, the designer fully considered the integration of Yangtze River culture and Shanghai urban civilization, endowed the space itself with a kind of grand spirit of opening and closing vertically and horizontally, and left the best position of view to the master bedroom and study suite of the host. Here, you can see the magnificent turning zone of Huangpu River, with open and closed space.
The striking cobalt blue border cabinet of bdbarcelona in the foyer is of high brightness and purity. The unique three-dimensional spiral design of the cabinet legs has a great artistic sense, taking full advantage of geometric wit and full of the beauty of dynamic game tension.